Sounds of the Season

That yapping dog
in the yard behind ours
roused me from a dream
and some guy with a beard
named Jesus,
reminding me that winter
will soon bring seasonal sounds
like tires spinning on ice,
sparrows rioting in hedges,
snowblower choruses.
What would Jesus think
of this place in winter?
Never heard any carolers here.
What would Tim say?

#12 of 30 Poems In November to benefit Center for New Americans. Also, read Tim’s book! It’s so engrossing, I even dream about it.


  1. Jesus never saw snow in his lifetime. What would Tim would say?

  2. no carolers in orange county, either. occasional bit of snow atop Saddleback (4000 feet). tim might say, surf's up!

  3. Somehow I think he may have turned some water into snow when he got bored with that wine trick. And Tim says: Wow, how flattering...let's get that dream analyzed;

  4. Jesus would love the sparrows, probably love the dog but ask it to hush, and would totally deplore snowblowers.

  5. yeah... the snowblowers (see also: leafblowers), argh.


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