Smells Like Town Spirit

Not sure why my town smells
like it bathed in patchouli
on the morning after Halloween,
but the scent dulls my memory
of last night’s dream:
Someone was bullying my child.
I awoke all grizzly-mama,
but now even my coffee
tastes like it was brewed
at a music festival,
so I put on some hippie tunes
for my commute to work,
where I’ll start November
in a haze of patchouli & peace
love, understanding--
letting bullies recede, fade away.

Hello! This is poem number ONE of 30 poems I’ll write in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. If you’re a faithful reader here, you know that in recent months, I’ve been managing far fewer than one poem per day, so this will be a real challenge. I’d be tickled if you’d consider sponsoring my efforts at any amount. Thank you!
My Fundraising Page for 30 Poems In November


  1. My best wishes for your 30 poems in November drive, Marian, especially as I can hardly bring myself to write a single thing.

    You have kicked off with an amazing poem too, so redolent of memory, past fears and present concerns.

    1. thank you, sister-poet! xoxox
      not sure if all this stuff works in one little poem, but i really DID dream that (horrid, truly) and my town really DID smell like patchouli this morning, oddly enough. so there you have it.

  2. I LOVE this poem, the smell of patchouli is intriguing......love the grizzly-mama, and the drive to work with hippy tunes on. Awesome, kiddo. I will be applauding you on for the month for certain. I am struggling with writing right now too as am not feeling well at all. Argh. Hate when that happens. AND tomorrow I start a TWO WEEK babysitting gig at someone else's home. Will be challenging. One day at a time. It is awesome you are fundraising for new Americans. Way to be, kiddo.

    1. two weeks babysitting? that's rather daunting, Sherry. yowza!

  3. Sorry I can't sponsor, but I wish you luck on both your poetry and your fundraising goals. Patchouli makes me think hippie, too. That's a good way to end bullying nightmares!.

    1. thank you, Susan, and no worries. i was thankful for the patchouli, true story.

  4. I sure can relate to waking up all grizzly-mama. I have younger siblings, who have all blessed me with nieces and nephews, and now I have grandnieces and nephews, plus my husband's six grandchildren, and my Mama Bear instinct is wide awake night and day.
    So I also love this poem, as Sherry does. And I can remember driving to work with tunes blasting. I once stopped at a light and there were two friends in the car next to mine, laughing at me because I was singing and dancing in my car.
    Looking forward to your next 29 poems, one day at a time, as Sherry said.

    1. haha! lots of folks sing in the car. nowadays you catch em chatting on their hands-free phones, too. silly!
      thank you, Kay. xoxo!

  5. good luck on the 30, marian. and better luck on fading bullies ~

    1. thank you, Michael... in the dream, the bully was a real person who's really in my life. so it was seriously disturbing. argh.


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