Concord of Sounds

Salvation Army
bell backgrounds
prematurely forlorn
at the market door.

Having nothing else
to spare, I think
to ask him to dance
around just once more,
but I don’t dare.

Aaaahh it’s #25 of 30 Poems In November to benefit Center for New Americans!


  1. It's always a bit awkward walking past those Salvation Army bell ringers, even though I'm barely managing to buy Christmas gifts. (Maybe I can make a withdrawal instead?)

  2. Hi Marian ~~ Your neat little ditty here was pleasurable for me. I love rock songs about the Salvation Army Band.

    I have spent the last half hour of my life here in vain, looking for the lyrics that are halfway in my head. About the drummer in a Salvation Army band. His words, "... am I beating this damned old drum", or similar, keep coming to mind but not to Google. So I give up. I think it was a 70's song but could have been 60's (the good old days in music).

    And yes, while I was teaching at the college it was expected of us to go ring the bell for several shifts. I sort of liked doing that. Sort of if the weather would cooperate. Our chancellor was on the board.

    1. how fun, Jim... thanks for your great comment. actually now that you mention it, a song from the 80's comes to mind... "Life In A Northern Town" by Dream Academy. look that one up!
      i started with a snippet in my mind, no doubt from whatever song you searched for in vain, but now that i have the Dream Academy song in my head, i've lost it completely.
      when it comes to you a few days from now while driving, or in the shower or what have you, be sure to come back and tell me!
      have a great Thanksgiving. M

  3. This makes me smile - and also imagine how many spontaneous, kindly actions we keep under control on any given day.


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