A View To A Kill

I chopped
a ton of tomatoes
that summer,
skinned a helluva lot
of potatoes, too.
The time I sliced
my shin open
on that jalapeno can
(man, that stung)
you were so gallant
with your plastic wrap--
a regular James Bond.
We coulda been flattened
driving around
in that level F4 tornado,
but we weren’t.
We coulda run off
together that summer--
but we didn’t.

#14 of 30 Poems In November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. It's the lines we approach but don't reach that make for exciting trails, mystery and all but murder.

  2. Oh, the last few words... sad, sad, sad..
    (Maybe it's just me... Will I have lived if I've never 'run off' one summer?)

  3. the woulda- coulda- I've always wondered if girls think that, too. I've learned, yes.


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