Eggshell Skull

Apply to the affected area
as needed, using caution
as repeated application
will cause thinning of the skin.

It’s a fine line between
thick-skinned and scabbing over;
scabbing leads to scarring,
and those scars are damn unsightly.

It’s hard to live with thin skin,
trying to avoid the stones,
the resultant bruising
and breaking down of things.

All you can do is hunker down,
guarding against what might hurt you.


  1. Oooh! I love a sonnet written without an eye on rhymes and meter - something that takes the formula out of the structure but retains the intention. You have done a fine job here.

    1. Thank you, Kerry. I didn't have the balls to label this "sonnet," but now you've named it so, perhaps I will.

  2. To thin is dangerous, to scar is ugly, but hunkering down is... maybe nothing, or maybe taking the time to grow will thicken the eggshell skull. I hope so! Intriguing sonnet (but you do not need to put that in the name).

  3. the pace suits the caution, marian ~ M

  4. just can't win with this stuff.

  5. What a choice- thin skin or scarring. Best to hunker down and be on guard- but that's a tough choice, too. Good description of certain no-win situations.


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