Unexpected Incubus

It’s like
when you go to see a band
& you’re blown away
by the opening act
they transport you
grooving on their ample vibe
letting it wash over you
wishing their set
would never end

You buy their records
listen obsessively
learn all the words
join their fan club
follow their tour
and dance
and dance
catch their eye
meet them backstage
all the makings of a groupie

Time passes
& your focus wanes
they’ve changed their sound
put out a new record
you’ve found someone new
but they’re still there
like background music
always present
& comfortable
because you can tune in
when you want
but mostly you don’t

Until suddenly
without warning
that shit gets turned to 11
& unavoidably
you start tapping your feet
thinking about
getting back on the bus
or at least feeling like
maybe you wanna dance again.

Fireblossom suggested the title. The rest is mine.