Puritan Kitchen, Then & Now

Always, the kitchen--
crafted in oak,
bluestone & pewter--
command central,
veritable heart ‘n soul,
where it all went down.

Wide floorboards
softened by generations
of slippers
pacing rag rugs, words
chosen with precision
to make a case.

Whither she goest
or won’t she, will they
say yes or no?
The same kitchen,
same desires, worries,
wonderings & wanderings.

All of which argue in favor
of just curling up by the fire.

Mrs. James Ward Thorne (American, 1882-1966)
Massachusetts Living Room and Kitchen, 1675-1700
from Art Institute of Chicago, Thorne Miniature Rooms
For Margaret’s prompt to the Real Toads: It’s All About Place