August Holiday in 1925

Grandma is going
to Catawba Island with Uncle John.
She’s going on the train.

Dad and I went to town.
We went to the Historical Society,
and also to a show.

We’re on our way to Asbury Park.
I’m sleeping in the lower berth
with Mom, Dad’s in the upper.

Got in Philadelphia this morning.
Changed trains for the Park.
Are staying at the Gardner.

Went bathing in the ocean.
You have to hold tight to the ropes
the waves are so rough.

Swimming again.
Went to Sea Girt on the streetcar
and came back on top of the bus.

New York. Prince George Hotel.
Bus ride to Grant’s Tomb. Took ride
on land subway. Came here by boat.

Pretty chilly for bathing
because there was a wind.
We went in anyway.

Came to Philadelphia. Are staying
at McPhersons. Before we left,
Dad and I went bathing. Dandy.

Came to see Lois. Will stay
till tomorrow. Met a nice little girl
here named Dot Campbell.

Lois came to McPhersons with me.
Took a bus ride to the Navy Yards.
Home tomorrow.

Riding from 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m.
Lunch on the train. Hot as blazes.
Beautiful ride otherwise. Home.