A Toad's Affidavit

I do humbly swear
Upon this Holiest of tomes
That I observed Mister Malingerer;

Fever bright in his eyes,
Fingering the Sonnet of another
With malice aforethought;

Upon only a moment’s hesitation,
Lopping up said Sonnet like milk
Between bourbon-infused lips;

Wresting the aforementioned
Most Sacred of all Last Lines
In the grip of daggerly canines;

Washing said Sacred Last Line
Down the greediest gullet
Saturated in a shot of Jack;

And finally,
Absconding with the glory
Heretofore belonging to the Poet

Formerly known as S.A.;
And further, I hereby swear
That before said abduction,

I was able to review
And preserve for all Posterity
The Gist of the Famous Last Line:

But Lo, Malingerer: A Hero, At Least To Most.

Whodunit? Only the Toads know.