Rhapsody In Red

I am desirous
of a moment’s peace
a cup of red
I don’t care what kind
or even the vessel
from which you decant
bring it to me from a box
screw top bottle
or a mason jar
it matters little

Nor does it matter
the container into which
you pour
for my consumption
I’ll gladly drink
from a goblet
juice glass
jelly jar
travel mug
your baby’s sippy cup

I have been contemplating
the taste
of that first sip
all day
and driving home
how the jar fits
on my lip
when turned to the widest gap
in its screw threads
tongue’s burn
the liquid held
for a moment
or two
against mouth’s roof
before swallowing

I am desirous
of the fuzzy edges
sharpened musings
sure to come
I want to access
the very inside
to visit blackness
writing it all down

I’d take that drink
out on the back porch
for a walk around town
to the river
through the woods
dancing on a wood stage
swinging from railings
in the parking lot
behind the American Legion
down side streets
on rooftops
concrete steps
anywhere really

And I’ll contemplate it
the rest of the time
who am I kidding
calling this contemplation
it’s a want
maybe a need
certainly a wonder
why I’m stuck
thinking about it all the time
of some other way
wishing I could find
writing it all down.

For Kerry's challenge to the Real Toads: Rhapsody