Darwin's Moon

Friends, I’m thrilled to share the news with you that the ALL CAPS PUBLISHING collective has just published Darwin’s Moon--A Memoir of Pain and Glory in Poetry and Prose by none other than Tim Schaefer, a writer of much (or ill?) repute known by many of you as Timoteo.

Now if you’ve followed Timoteo’s blog Catnip as I have, you know that Tim is witty, often guffaw-worthy funny, even. And that he has a sharp and prescient world-view, and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks. AND that he’s a good storyteller.

I will tell you this: My reaction to reading Darwin’s Moon was unexpected. Sure, it’s funny and there are some great stories there. But I was unprepared for the poignant arc running through this collection, the pure emotion, the child inside the man, the gentleness and vulnerability, sometimes wrapped in bravado but always right there, at the center and unflinching. I simply love this book. LOVE it. Yowza.

Okay so here’s the gorgeous cover (that painting’s by Tim himself!) and click here to buy it on Amazon on the cheap!

Please check out our announcement at ALL CAPS, too, and read about Tim and our other authors. Goes without saying that if you don’t already, you gotta follow Timoteo’s blog: CATNIP