Seems we are destined
for generations
of standing sentry
side by side, out of reach
oh, my love, how I pine
for your... pine
To fondle your worn slats
your rusted flat
head wood screws
To savor your varnish
oh, how I wish
your tarnished face
traced me, not the sun
  (I’d come undone)
Could be worse, we could
be gazing out
on a stout suburban lawn,
one-upped by a porch swing
But love, for you
  (only you)
I’ll bear anything
  (any weight)
For a chance to change our fate.
photo by Margaret Bednar

Kerry asked the Real Toads to write a poem that is a love letter between two inanimate objects. I had been trying to figure out how to reflect on the "dog days of summer" scene in Margaret's wonderful photo, so two birds, one stone.