Gudgeonville #2

You grow up in a place
so small as to have uncovered early
all of its contours
and hiding-places, none of them
your own,
and yet, on a day signaling your leave
you accept an invitation
to a heretofore unknown Wildness,
unexpected & electric--
And everything changes.
You drink because why not,
tuned to voices you’d swear
you never heard before in your life,
watch the way his lips pucker
when he sings along with Jim Morrison
Love me two times, baby
Love me twice today, I’m goin’ away--
Well, hell, baby, I ain’t loved you
even once, yet--
Join me in this stream, baby,
anoint my Youth with your own,
let’s make it all go away
before I leave this behind for good, man--
Hello, I love you.

Susie asked the Real Toads to write a poem inspired by Jim Morrison and to include one or more of his song titles.