with profuse apologies to Allen Ginsberg
Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder!
    Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder!
The earth is wondrous! Her people are wondrous! Her seas
    and trees and landscapes are wondrous!
Everything is wondrous! The eyes and lips and hands are wondrous!
Everyday is wondrous! Everywhere is an eternity! Everyone’s
    full of wondrous ecstasy and gin-juice and cunt-power!
    Wondrous sweat pooling under breasts, wondrous the cock, yes
    especially the cock is wondrous!
The typewriter is wondrous, words flying across ether is wondrous,
    all the mundane shit of everymorning and everynight is
    wondrous, tucking kids in bed at night is wondrous!
Wondrous dreams! Wondrous sleepless nights wondrous amber liquid
    sipped from a jelly jar wondrous!
Wondrous the farmer’s market! Wondrous children on the bike path!
    Tasty Top Soft Serve is fucking wondrous!
Wondrous the people protesting violence and tyranny! Wondrous
    the students facing down tanks! Wondrous tweeting through
    tear gas! Wondrous the people of Istanbul!
Wondrous protests!
The Internet is full of wondrous wonder!
Television is wondrous! Communication is wondrous! Wondrous your
    whisper in my ear, wondrous a phone call from my father,
    wondrous songs handed down generations, wondrous books
    of poetry passed hand to hand, wondrous Edith Bunker singing
    Love Can Make A Hero From A Chump!
Wondrous a lecture from a child about how trash can be useful!
Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder! Wonder!
Wondrous the children the love the sex the earth the super-goodness
    of the soul in the face of evil the notion that love
    trumps it all!


Kerry asked the Real Toads for an homage to Allen Ginsberg, whose birthday is June 3. Special favorite! And rest in peace, dear Jean Stapleton.


  1. And this POEM is wondrous! It lifts the heart, and makes us smile, reminds us of everything that is good and wonderful and always present. And I LOVE Edith Bunker. I once played her, to perfection, during a staff role play exercise and drove everyone batty! Type casting!

  2. We spend so much time complaining and miss the wonderful in life. Thanks for reminding me. I love Edith Bunker. I can't watch the show that I don't think about my in-laws. Shoot, now the tears. I miss them. :)

  3. I won't say it .. the "W" word!!


  4. as is Ginsberg's Footnote to Howl: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/240700

  5. "The notion that love trumps it all" — wow.

  6. I just love how easy you make falling into his voice seem!! You brought this forth wondrously!! Great work, Marian!

  7. Ah, Edith and Archie Bunker! He'd of been lost without her.

    I find the key word in this whole poem can be found at the end... "notion" : the notion that love trumps it all! A foolish idea or ingenious idea? That is the question.

  8. Of course- it's all so true and right there in front of us each day. And, of course, love trumps all. This is yummy. Thanks.

  9. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! And to "Edith's Song" too.

  10. That was a fun rant, I love how you make the negative positive, especially love the boob sweat and the cock, that really cheered me up!

  11. I love (LOVE) how you turned the rant around to emote on all the good things we have to be grateful for and in true Ginsberg style. You poured so much energy into this piece, Marian, and the result is excellent poetry and social commentary that deserves a round of applause.

  12. This was so ___derfully interwoven, such a tight (no tie-in to cunt power intended) read, crafted beautifully.

    This is definitely one that should be proudly displayed on your fridge by now.

  13. Wow! and Whee! and Wowee!!!

  14. it's a wonder i don't just run off shrieking!


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