Electroencephalography of the Soul

   A girl
goes to the hospital
for a brain test
because the doctors
might want to change the pills
she takes for seizures.
They stick wires
all over her head
with what feels like
and she wonders how she’ll ever
get all that gum out of her hair.
She doesn’t know
what they are measuring
   as their machines
start their scribbling,
but she hopes to hell it’s true
that they can’t
   actually read her mind
because she can’t stop
her thoughts from racing
      with monstrous imaginings.


  1. I wish they could read these natural fears and then maybe act compassionate and then read some gratitude for paying attention. Such a neat way to capture this phenomenon!

  2. Nothing quite so private as our thoughts ... and best kept that way! This was wonderful.

  3. Oh now I'm worried for her about the results. Great capture, kiddo, and I hope this is fiction.

    1. 100% true story, but it all worked out. :)

  4. Our thoughts tucked away...nice, Marian.

  5. Excellent. You have infused a very real situation with a touch of the surreal - from worries about the gum in her hair to machines which could possibly read our thoughts, expose those monstrous imaginings!

  6. Sometimes I think that the best place to be is inside my own thoughts, and I rarely let anyone know everything I am thinking. Some of it is Mine.

    Your words always hit me right in the middle of my chest, and make me THINK and Ponder.

  7. It's better that we have that private place for our thoughts. Your words were well chosen. Bravo.

  8. So odd the things we think when we are afraid.

  9. The idea of her thoughts creeping out to the machine is arresting. I loved this piece.


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