Our Love of Spring Goes Unrequited

for Jenn

The wall-to-wall chartreuse
has already waned to avocado
and soon will turn dull kelly.
Sugar season’s long over.
Today I walked in a dogwood
blizzard, and it’s raining.
If flowers stuck around longer,
would we love them less?

Izy asked the Real Toads to write about the dark side of spring.


  1. Probably, we'd take them and the chartreuse and the stars and all for granted. Instead, we look forward to each fleeting phase, very much like flings-er-unrequited love.

  2. Ever decreasing circles in your percussion session of greens.
    Ours greens are faithful to us, despite blizzards and snowfalls. Thank goodness for small mercies, or rather, big mercies.

  3. Love the work with shades of green--I don't think I would love less, but having lived in California, I know it's amazingly easy to get bored with beauty.

  4. I love the rainfall of petals (or petals in the rainfall). The last line is the killer..

  5. "Sugar season’s long over."


  6. I had never stopped to consider your question ~ would we love flowers less if we lived among them every day, year in and year out ~~~ I don't think so is my answer. I enjoyed this.

  7. You point is valid. I wish I had more of a spring here, but what I do have I cherish. Once summer gets here, and for us its here already in the 100's the burden is a weighty one. Great write Babyluv!!!

  8. once again, you bring layers upon layers of good poem to my prompt. I read this one out loud, and I did, the vowels actually began to fade, like the chartreuse. I know you probably didn't write this effect on purpose, or perhaps each word took their toll on me. I love the transition half way through the poem where the narrator stops talking of colors and mentions the dogwood blizzard and the rain. Very profound turning there. Well crafted and top notch work. viva la

  9. love :) this is divine

  10. I love the thought of your dogwood blizzard...so beautiful.

  11. I just love the question you end on...I had this in the back of my mind the other day... well done!

  12. thanks, friends. i totally stole the last lines from my friend Jenn (to whom this is dedicated) and ran with them. heh!


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