No Direction But Home

Friends, I am rather beside myself with joy in this moment, as I get to shriek on the interwebz about the publication of a special book by one of my most special favorite poets! What? You don't get to do this every day? Well, my life is charmed, apparently.

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING and yours truly announce the publication today of No Direction But Home, a first chapbook by Seattle poet Sarah Whiteley.

"A gentle foray into beauty and stillness, No Direction But Home is an exploration of the threads that tie travel, nature, and themes of home to the heart. In this first chapbook, Sarah Whiteley skillfully weaves words into snapshots of time and place, creating a reading experience that is both immediately relatable and intimate."

Get your (quite affordable) copy here!

I've been following Sarah's blog, ebbtide, since I started blogging. I admire Sarah's writing immensely--her images, her descriptiveness, her ability to make my heart skip a beat with her words. Her focus on perfection and her clean design. Sarah's just perfect, pals... and I'm all shivery about stacking up my own writing next to hers and the other fantastic authors in our ALL CAPS collective. Yippee!!
I thought you all might enjoy these directions from Sarah about how to read poetry. It's called "Guide."
poetry should be read slowly
standing upon the very edge of a precipice
no turning back
toes curling upon those last rocks
before the world falls away
there at the edge of all that ends
the edge of all that begins
one may have just the right perspective
to understand
Okay, required reading, drop everything and click:
Sarah's poetry blog, ebbtide

Sarah's photography/art blog, tied to sky

Sarah's book on Amazon! No Direction But Home