No Bad Things

Every night
before sleeping,
my daughter incants
No bad things?
No tornadoes, no thieves, 
no ghosts, no asteroids?

Every night I reply
No bad things.
Only good things.
Sweet dreams,
I’ll dream of you,
I’ll dream of all of us.


  1. sigh... the power of a mother's mantra

  2. And what more may a mother do than soothe away fears, while her own heart carries its full weight of worry?

  3. Oh and especially last night, how poignant that wish must have been.........while a tornado lifted up whole neighborhoods some states away. I love the security with which your little girl goes off to sleep. I wish that for her, every night.

  4. My first thought was Oaklohoma. I pray the families, especially children recover soon.


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