Mermaid Dreams

I woke up in bed
with a man and a cat.
   I thought where are my kids?
but forgot about that
as my gaze traveled down
to the foot of the bed:
   where before were my legs
   was a fishtail instead!
I tried a flap-flap
but instead it just thwacked;
The cat hissed and jumped
prepared for attack--
   What to do with a tail?
   And who IS this man?
   And how did I get here?
Escape if I can!
Then to my great surprise
the man opened his eyes;
What I read in those blues
was terrible news--
   Dude was ogling me
   and I had to break free!
But how, with no legs?
I assumed I was dead.
But then!
   The cat ran for the door,
   I rolled on the floor
And I heard a tiny voice say,
Mama, are you okay?
I spluttered, yes, yes! I’m free
   and the cat saved me!

The first lines of this poem are from Robert Heinlein's To Sail Beyond the Sunset, and this is humbly submitted to Master Class with apologies to Heinlein and the rest of you. It was inspired, too, by Kerry's Edward Lear challenge to the Real Toads, but it came out vaguely Seuss-ish more than Lear-esque. I could have gone on and on in poor imitation, but decided that enough is enough. Enough!