Jangle of Nerves

Friends, Listen To Your Mother Providence is tomorrow! And I might be freaking out a little. Okay, more than a little. I’d describe myself as a jangle of nervy energy right now.

Why the janglyness? Why the nerves? I’m not hugely nervous speaking in front of an audience, usually. And I wouldn’t describe what I’m feeling right now as that kind of nervous. It’s more about the tremendous wonderfulness of this event. About the incredible talent and heart of the fantastic women who will be telling their stories on that stage. About the emotional bigness of it all.

In case you missed it, here’s the poem I wrote after our rehearsal last weekend (called “and this is only rehearsal”):
How strange
to stack up my stories
side by side the words
of women unlike me
yet like,
their stories not mine,
yet mine--
How wonderful to wrap
their words around my words,
struggles alongside mine,
another mother’s hopes
and fears
twined round my heart--
They call that an a-ha,
that moment
of profound
yet simple recognition--
yeah I get that,
it’s like that for me, too--
I won’t soon forget.
I feel a little like I’m cheating by going up there and reading my poems. I mean, I did not write a memoir piece specifically for this event like my comrades did; I brought “mommish” poems I had already written. I’m not going up on a stage to read a memoir of my children, of myself, of my own mother, of motherhood--as these brave women are doing.

Except, who am I kidding? I am doing EXACTLY THAT. These poems ARE memoir. I’m telling my story. Light bulb! Aha!

So, I am a little nervous, and more than a little excited, and I haven’t figured out what to wear yet, and the whole thing is a big road-trippin’ ball of goodness tomorrow. Headed to Providence. If you are anywhere nearby (I mean c’mon, I’ll be driving two hours to get there, so you can, too) I really encourage you to come to the show. It is going to be amazing, truly. Get your tickets here. I'm so full of gratitude for being a part of this incredible moment.


  1. Hey, there's our Marian in the back row!

    I'm sooo excited for you, and I expect your writing will stand up with all the testimonies to be shared. I hope you will include something about your Grandma - she was a mother of yours too.

    1. :) thank you, Kerry. i'm reading three poems that have more to do with my kids. in fact, all of the poems i'm sharing contain the words/voices of my kids. but it's all a cycle, right? mama! mama!

  2. I never, ever considered myself a sentimental fool... until I had children. I have six, the oldest 20, youngest 5. They ARE my life - I'm not ashamed to say it. Have fun and remember to bring a box of kleenex :)

  3. "Break a Leg" and Safety to all of you in the show. It sounds wonderful. About three decades ago I took the trip from Albany NY to AUDITION for the Rhode Island Feminist Theatre Company (RIFT)--more than one lifetime ago. I didn't make the cut, but my best friend did. I'll be with you in spirit.

  4. You'll do us all proud, Marian. I wish I lived nearer. I've be there in a heartbeat.

  5. Marian, break a leg. I think you should do the poem you wrote here! To comment for and about all those moms. You speak for all of us, and you do it well. Peace, Amy

  6. What a great event to take part in and lend your voice to and share it all via poetry- fabulous! Break a leg.

  7. You are going to be incredible! I am so proud of you.

  8. thank you, friends! it was an amazing experience, truly. more soon!
    there will be photos and YouTube videos and all that jazz. (eek!)


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