ants come marching

hey thanks for the cookie
that was a good one maybe it was
from the bakery down the street i really
appreciate the gesture and so
against what is no doubt my strong
self interest i feel compelled
to report that yesterday i met an ant
on your counter here
just the one guy he was scouting
and he might have left finding not much
as youre so tidy in your kitchen but unfortunately
he found a popsicle stick
i know it surprised me too but surprise
or no the reality of it is he
nodded to me and said ahoy
thats a bad sign as i think you know
that one ant is harbinger of an army thereof
they will come my friend
so i worry because of course this means war
and decimation of a platoon of fine
soldiers who are just following orders
and the scent of sugar
use caution my human friend
life is in the balance and you
can tip the scales

Inspired by Archy’s voice: Archy & Mehitabel