14 Women X Infinity

Friends, I thought maybe you'd like to see a photo of the cast of Listen To Your Mother Providence, as I’ve been going on about how proud I am to have been a part of it.

And I'll bet you’re curious to know what poems I read:

after Newtown
In talking about
the end of the world
and human civilization
by tidal wave or solar flare,
my young son whispers
kids are too young to die
as my heart simultaneously
wilts and blooms.
I reply, yes, far too young
and brush his hair back
from a pretty forehead
clean of bullet holes,
stifle a moan by swallowing.
One heartbeat later,
my child bemoans those humans--
the ones he thinks
will finally realize
the planet is overheating
just about the time
his own children are grown--
and describes his child
wiping her own sweaty brow
as future apologists cry
What have we done?

bed-hopping (not that kind)
When you wake up squished
on the too-short loveseat,
entangled in warm limbs
and breathing in the breath
of your bright little girl,

you manage to peer through
sleep-filled eyes to witness
your long-limbed son
splayed and snoring
on top of this drowsy daddy.

You recall the night before,
one in your bed at one,
the other in with you at two,
At four? Mama, I’m so sorry,
I wet your bed, Mama.

As you throw the sheets
in the washing machine
and the kid in the shower,
you know for sure
you’ve hit the jackpot.

basic human needs
Sleeping, dreaming, drowsing,
by one, then two,
little bodies in my bed
with their little voices,
cold limbs, and big needs.

They snuggle in,
then drift back to sleep.

Mama is awake at three ay em,
starting to count sheep,

when a cozy little girl voice
says in her sleep, I love you, Mama.
Mama replies, I love you, Baby.

Then the drifting, sleeping voice says,

My butt isn’t getting any blankets.

(The first poem is from my upcoming book, SUPERPOWERS or: More Poems About Flying, and the other two are in my first book, Responsive Pleading.)

What you don’t realize is that you really need to hear the stories of all of these women. So I am telling you. Because these stories will affect you, even change you.

Imagine all of this times 24 cities across the country, and baby, I feel like I was part of a social movement.


I know you’re dying to see video from Listen To Your Mother, and believe me, as soon as I have a link, you’ll know it. It’s a big project for the women in charge to put that together, so I expect it sometime in the summer.

In the meantime, I’ll post links to the stories of my sister-writers as they post them on their own blogs, so please check back here often. Here’s some reading for now. Make sure you have your box of tissues.
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Lauren Jordan, Pink Butterflies
Alicia Kamm, Baby V
Stephanie S. Lazenby, Nobody Ever Told Me
Carla Molina, Perfect
Kelly Baraf, Tea Party
Jackie Hennessey, The Horrors of Shopping With Kids
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