Words at the Ready

for Adrianne
Some singer-songwriter
Poetry’s everywhere!
(They talk too much.)

If Peter Mulvey says
there’s too much poetry,
That’s just like life.

I say we all keep our
Words in our back pockets,
ready to whip 'em out,
meant to inspire--

Bit of encouragement
lasts for a verse or two,
till you’re reduced to just
Hanging In There.

Susie asked the Real Toads to write poems with messages of encouragement. Today is National Poem In Your Pocket Day! So let's remember to keep our words in our pockets for when we or someone we know could use some encouragement. Number 18 of 30 in April, whew.

I'm having some fun with Peter Mulvey here, but you should take a listen to his song, which is not ACTUALLY mocking poets. :) Enjoy!