Spring Lune (-acy)

bitter morning rooms
secede as
kids fling windows wide

oldest question yet:
whose man in the moon
is up there?

waiting for the day
blanket the whole lawn

spring welcomes girls
skipping city sidewalks, sporting tears
in jeans knees

Grace has introduced a new (to me, anyway) form for the Real Toads (and you!) to play with: the LUNE. 1 & 3 here are my first attempts at the Kelly Lune, which has a syllable count of 5-3-5. 2 & 4 are samples of the Collum Lune, which has a WORD count of 3-5-3. I’m gonna count all of these as one... so the Lunes are number 21 of 30 for National Poetry Writing Month. Getting there!