Patriot's Day

Left them for dead,
Pressure-cooked at the finish line;
Left them for dead,
As Paul Revere mem’rably said--
They’re coming! It’s by their design!
Count your dead. Your broken. This time--
Left them for dead.

This is for my little day 16 of NaPoWriMo form challenge at Real Toads: I Say Roundel, You Say Rondelet. 

Friends, I'm always anxious when writing about topics of horror and loss in the news. At the same time, it usually feels very wrong not to. Many of you know that I live in Massachusetts; we are about 1.5 hours from Boston, and were not in Boston yesterday. But we certainly feel the impact of this tragedy here. To me, Patriot's Day is such a joyous, charming, quintessential Massachusetts thing, just beautiful. Yesterday, well--you know. I couldn't get the phrase "left for dead" or the picture of the young boy (the same age as my own kids) who was killed out of my head, so I wrote this. It's certainly not intended to be any kind of summary of or instruction for how to feel or react to or think about tragic and unnecessary violence. It is just a small comment. Thank you for reading.