document of discussion: Cuckold

I had to tell her the truth
and I did, almost immediately,
after trying to say with my words
and indicate through my actions
that everything was not all right
and I was falling for someone else.

I told the truth, in a night
of anger, pain and recriminations,
accusations of cheating, lying,
disrespecting and cuckolding,
pacing, name-calling, threat-hurling
and the fear of physical violence.

When all that truth was out, she said
I hope you stay together. Otherwise,
it will be like you just threw me away.
I laughed. What did that even mean?
This was about me and her, not about
him and me. But, as it turns out,

The truth is: We Are Still Together.
For Izy's Document of Discussion prompt to the Real Toads, poem number ten in April!