cold/holes in your hosiery

These natty tights
have been sporting holes
for many weeks of wear,
but finally today
they’ve reached their limit

along with the letter
signed Love Always
& the glossy photobooth shot,
one on the lap of the other,
lust-blind, vacation-tanned.

It’s too cold for reflecting
on beaches, lust or letters,
so pad to the kitchen
in homeworn slippers,
& toss that shit in the trash.

Susan prompted the Real Toads to write on a theme of hello or goodbye. Hello, this is poem number 24 of 30 for National Poetry Month! And today's the third birthday of the runaway sentence, hip hip hooray!


  1. Happy Birthday to the Blog, that makes us all smile so often! I love the conversational tone of this, and cackled at the closing lines.

  2. Congratulations on three years of blogging. You do it so well.
    This is a perfect poem for the prompt...been there, done that, and can totally relate to the third stanza.

  3. Yes, tossing all that at the same time equalizes them--I learned this recently when throwing out lecture notes along with banana peels. I haven't showed reality to the love letters and pictures yet. Fine poem! You got a huge laugh of recognition from me because--with the stockings first--I wasn't expecting the next item. I love it. Thanks for playing in my challenge!

  4. Not as easy as you make it sound - but easier than one may dread it to be.

  5. happy birthday blog, mine's turned four today :)
    I love the last line, perfection

  6. Ha, nice! I definitely have some threadbare work attire I need to retire.

  7. I absolutely love 'lust-blind, vacation-tanned' ... and all the rest!!

  8. Ha! There comes the moment, and really, it's worth savoring, when trashcanning the past is all you can do--you've already gotten your money's worth, and seeing it disappear, that's the last penny. Happy numbers 6 and 24.

  9. lust-blind, vacation-tanned.

    Love the padding to the kitchen trash in slippers... just so done with him! Loved this little "attitude" of a poem.

  10. I really like the way you ended this....toss it. It's always good to purge.

  11. Happy Birthday to your blog!! And by all means, throw that shit away!!

  12. Congrats on your blog. Save a piece of cake for me.

    I loved the ending to this poem. You say what we all want to say when things have gone past stale into moldy... and yes, there is a season to love and a season to chuck it all! Mementos are only as good as the relationship they commemorate, sez I. Sorry I'm so late in commenting. Had a "beer and bitch" session after rehearsal... Marion, you rock. Amy

  13. hah! thanks, everyone. here's to another year.


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