Austerity in Strident City

freight train
brights on
in broad Daylight--

Gonna jump that Train
to Strident City
where I’ll be welcome
despite Austerity Policy

Productivity Counts
in Strident City!
Thus, I won’t be Required
to hold my Tongue.

Poem 26 of 30 for National Poetry Writing Month.


  1. Very song-like! I dig. I am just recently being introduced to Pokemon by my son.

  2. Pokemon is full of interesting references. I think Strident City is particularly poetic. :)

  3. Tight! Strummer would be jealous. .

  4. Your poem reminded me of my favorite Strummer song ... 'Johnny Appleseed' ~~ must confess to ignorance when it comes to Pokémon!

  5. Day 26 of 30, kiddo. You are nearly there! Way to go!

  6. Not familiar with Pokemon...still trying to master the card game of War. heh heh. An intriguing poem nonetheless.

  7. The phrase "Strident City" is from Pokemon, the rest is from my imagination :)

  8. The products of the tongue let free! In Strident City, I hope there are a few listeners too. Beat, like a train rushing to its destination.

  9. Pokemon? I have lived and breathed that since my son Will was about 7 years old. (He is now almost 21) I DO know how to play the game, believe it or not.

    Anyplace where one doesn't have to hold one's tongue is usually a good place to be.

  10. Not having to hold your tongue..now that's a place I'd like to go!

  11. Well, Riley is 24 now and past Pokemon, but I still remember it, especially strident city. And I'm with Susie... anyplace I can rant on is home. Let's chip in and buy a house there! Amy

  12. How many hundreds of times have I dreamed of jumping a train? This sounds so easy, now that I can't even jump over my dog.
    I love this, Marian. I know nothing of Pokemon, but a place called Strident City sounds perfect for poets.

  13. thanks, friends, for commenting on this... i just was so taken with the idea of "Strident City" that i couldn't stop thinking about it till i wrote something. :)


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