the Understudy

Spring knows all her lines.
Ready to bloom with nerves,
she lingers behind the curtain,
costumed in shades of green,
yellow, forsythia on the breeze.

For three acts we’ve tuned
to the gusty baritone of snow.
When Winter finally calls in sick,
tracking mud across the stage,
Spring’s aria will steal the show.

Susan asked the Real Toads to write an extended simile or metaphor.


  1. Bravo! Encore! You brought down the house with this one, Marian!

  2. I agree. What a play! I hope she gets three acts too.

  3. Will steal the show, indeed, Marian. Brava!

  4. Your extended metaphor is so compact. This response to the challenge shows your consummate poetic skill - you show us your vision and allow us to participate in all you describe.

  5. I'll take your word for it, Marian:-)
    It may be the 21st today, but so far not a sign of the heralds you mention and Spring's costume is decidedly scanty.
    Enjoyable take on the prompt.

  6. i do wait for forsythia on the breeze... which are still covered under 2 feet of snow

  7. this made me smile today...I am quietly awaiting Spring, ready for a standing ovation

    this was just beautiful.

  8. I'm hoping Winter will call in dead very soon now. Love this, Marian.

  9. Marian...I love the signs of awakening in your poem~
    Beautiful and yes, please winter call in dead...
    It is snowing here and I just took photos....than read
    your poem ;D

    Wondrous view!!!
    <3 it

  10. Love, love the comparison of spring to a theatrical production!!! {I'm getting ready to work stage crew on a production of "Shooting Star."}

  11. Amazing poem.. ,,I am spellbound by your imagination...You are too good. Hats Off !!!

  12. Now, I need for your poem to happen. I'm a winter girl, but part of the wonder of winter is the magic of Spring's return.

  13. I am hoping she will come soon and steal the show ~ Stellar work dear ~

  14. ah, beautiful! every word! I'll definitely read this piece many times over and savor it. Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  15. we STILL have snow here, waiting, waiting, seems like the fourth act by now.

  16. I have yet to catch up on commenting and I must as I would have missed this beauty of a poem. Just fantastic!


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