Gemini & Scorpio & Capricorn

Friends and gentle readers! It is your lucky day! NEW POETRY by three incredible women, known to many of you as Fireblossom, Mama Zen, and Hedgewitch!

ALL CAPS PUBLISHING announces a triple-treat: Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn, a full-length collection of poems by Shay Caroline, Kelli Simpson, and Joy Ann Jones. 

"A rippling triple vision through the heart's crystal, both light and dark; riddles of needles and glass, demons and gypsies, love for men, love for other women, love for our children, love that damns and love that redeems, all of these motifs and more twine like scarlet threads through a little black dress in this triad of women building alternate universes with words." 

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"Three American women poets combine in one volume with poems about everything from a succubus goddess and the girl who claims she struck out Babe Ruth and was with Poe when he died, to motherhood and Norse myths."
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