anything for the eyases

On a sunnier day, I’d sit
out on that bench
with my notebook, penning a poem,
hawk soaring overhead,
hunting breakfast for his babies.
I’m no falconer
but can appreciate his good looks
and care of his nest,
zeroing in on his prey--
Oops. Maybe I’d better go in now.

50 words on the scary shit outside my office window for Words Count With Mama Zen in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. This is scary to me, Marian. There are Merlin Falcons in our neighborhood. It's been years now, but I've never recovered from opening the back door to find our deck covered in wings, heads and feet of songbirds, knowing the falcons and their young had been using our big trees as their dining room.

  2. This is so cool! I love to watch the hawks hunt . . . from a safe distance, of course!

  3. Ha! I love the turn around at the end, when observer becomes potential prey.

  4. wouldn't want a peck from that sharp beak
    or to be grabbed by the talens

  5. Laughing! What? Are you 2 ft 3 inches?
    Or maybe feather weight. ;-)
    We raise chichens and hawks kill them. Tonight I walked the backyard while I let them run free.
    While outside I snapped a photo for the poem tonight.
    We share writing outside while hawks circle ! Deadly birds

  6. Scary shit is hysterical ... now get back to work!!

  7. Well, this COULD be my tiny Yorkie doggie "talking". The big hawks scare me when I see them... my little bit of fluff is NOT safe and never goes out without a long extendable leash on... the hawks have to deal with me first. :)

  8. I could almost feel you shrink in size, like Alice - or the hawk increasing! lol

  9. Lol!! Marian this is fun and my totem is falcon....I always love to watch the bigger birds. :)

  10. A fun read. When my daughter and I took her Yorkie to the beach, I was keenly aware she was just the right size for an eagle snack....we kept her on a leash:)

  11. Nature isn't always pret-tay, yes? I found a dismembered dove in the flowerbed the other day--or really only the bagful of feathers, but the imagination supplies the rest more than adequately.

  12. :) hee hee!
    actually i really love red-tailed hawks and am so pleased that there is a nest in the pine tree outside my office window. i have no fear of them, but the bunnies out on the lawn really oughta :)


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