what is Love?

No hesitation
or junkie-shaking what-the-
fucking exigent begging
for absolution
gonna change this life’s atrocity;
nothing can do that.
It’s atrocious.

In a moment
I thought I lost you
and all the bullshit melted away
like a wax figure in a brick oven,
rendered insubstantial,
as meaningless as dust
in the desert.

We can spend all our days
searching for rainbows,
wishing for the power to fly
beyond the muck
of humanity,
or we can thank the sky for being blue
and focus on one another.

All I know is,
the prospect of your absence
spurred a tectonic shift,
the resulting tidal wave
washed me clean of what came before,
and I am purely yours.
No reservations.

Susan challenged the Real Toads to write about an event that answers the question, "What is love?"