ten years ago today

Ten years ago, we walked in pain,
marched down our city streets:
invasion planned, we took a stand.
Though now it seems in vain,
were not alone;
we join our voices with
our brothers, sisters globally,
resisting tyranny,
rejecting thought that dropping bombs
fosters democracy.
Today, Fireblossom challenges the Real Toads to write a poem with a particular ballad-ish form and meter.

Ten years ago today, people around the world marched in protest of the planned invasion of Iraq by the United States. My husband and I (ah, my boyfriend, then!) marched in Pittsburgh. This earlier poem, called "Invasion," describes that night:

I was suited and stockinged,
high-heeled, pregnant.
You were quietly outraged.


As the bombs dropped,
we paraded more than marched,
then walked all the way home

united in pain.

"Invasion" appears in my poetry collection, Responsive Pleading.