somehow i expected a different result

Déjà vu's funny.
What was I thinking when I 
tried this shit again?

* * * * *
Gentle readers, I have some new videos uploaded to my YouTube channel! What, you don't know I have a YouTube channel? You better remedy that by clicking right over and checking it out:
runaway sentence on YouTube!


  1. Way to go, Marian - that is an impressive series of videos. Awesome!!!!

  2. You know the definition of crazy? 'doing the same thing over and over, but expecting the same outcome." Yeah, I'm a little crazy too. Off to watch your vids...

  3. Woohoo! Marian's on the interwebs!

    I love to see you reading your own words. Such a treat.

  4. Well, you know the definition of crazy...

    Loved this.

  5. PS--I bet you already knew i was going to say that!

  6. nothing new under the sun, i guess!

    i created the YouTube channel when Responsive Pleading came out, but haven't updated it or pitched it in a while. trying to remedy! got a few more videos in the works, too. :)

  7. Your You-tube channel is a treat for me--no deja vu problem there. But your poem is funny til' it captures me up short with my own stupid redos when I knew better!

  8. i'm glad you like it! i started the youtube channel quite a while ago, but hadn't put up any videos lately. i always want to get them just right. we did these on the weekend, and i have a couple others to read that we haven't been able to capture just right, just yet. i much prefer to do it outside, which we were trying to do with these recent ones, but it was too cold and windy (and therefore loud and distracting). so anyway, stay tuned! :)

  9. I checked this...very good reading Marian ~ Smiles ~

    1. thanks for visiting the youtube page, Grace! fun. i have to keep it updated better.
      more to come! xo


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