Idear Man

What were we thinking?
Like impertinent fools,
turning off a true path,
I was yes to your yes
as I’d never yet tried.

This was all your idea.
I just followed along,
like a lamb to slaughter
allowing your sacrifice.
What was I thinking?

Oh, those little lambs,
suckling at mama’s teat,
unable yet to swagger,
yet helping themselves
like impertinent fools.

Trapped in your confines
atrophy set in, like love
attacking the core of me,
cardiomyopathic rhythms
clicking off my true path.

Heart insists: no regrets!
Steady on and love again.
How I wish for other days
with the strength of no,
but I said yes to your yes.
The gods are ever outraged
by any human sacrifice,
and I am sick to death
of my heart’s dirty truth:
I ain’t ever been tried.

What was I thinking?
I just followed along,
unable to swagger still,
in cardiomyopathic rhythm.
I was yes to your yes, but
my heart still ain’t been tried.

Hedgewitch has challenged the Real Toads to write a cascade poem this weekend. I confess an aversion to cascade and some other forms featuring repeating lines, but I tried anyway.