cold kerfluffle

Of the days when nothing's well,
everything's said and nary works,
the tales are long and faces longer,

Malady drapes across the roof
like duck cloth, no billowing able
to provide a fresh-air respite,

No recovery in sight, your wistful
wishing for a healing now seems
almost adorably quaint,

As your bibulous over-brain wrestles
with your virtuous conscience
to dominate not only your dreaming

But your choices. Seems a crash-course
in skirting mirth in favor of ignominy.

Kerry asked the Real Toads to write a 14-line poem, sonnet or not. I used a word list generated by a group of folks in the ALL CAPS PUBLISHING Facebook community, including these words: kerfluffle, malady, billowing, recovery, wistful, bibulous, mirth, and ignominy.