an open letter to those i've loved

If I’ve loved you,
I hold memories of you,
but the good news is
I’m told my memory
is wiped each morning
and re-booted,
plus, I live in the present
and am happy right here
who and with whom I am.
So though I do remember
your eyes, your smell
and the way your hands
felt on my hips,
I have forgotten
the details of our demise,
and the shitty things
you said to me in anger.
And even if I have the idea
that you’re an asshole,
it’s only in a general way,
and not with any real malice
or specific annoyance.
I’m willing to bet, though,
that you haven’t forgotten
the crappy things I said to you
or the times I threw things
or stomped out,
and I bet you think
I’m an asshole
because probably
you don’t have a convenient
memory impairment
like mine.
That’s why I’m writing
this open letter to you,
offering forgetting
and suggesting the possibility
of just leaving behind
all that pain and junk
so you can remember me
like I remember you:
Someone who captivated me
with your beauty--
because that’s what’s stuck--
Someone I loved.

Kerry challenged the Real Toads to write an open letter. Here's another:
open letter to technology and cold germs

I hate you.
Everyone hates you.
You are a plague on households
and a stifler of creativity.
Go the hell away.
Signed, Marian


  1. I love the idea of forgetting the shitty things and just remembering the beauty, someone you have loved ~

    I agree with you on the second one...so far I am lucky to not have the germs and sickness this winter ~

  2. Some people love to complain and don't want to give it up. But I like the idea of it.

    I really connected with the "short and sweet" poem at the end... Mr. plague has been visiting us since before Christmas... !

  3. Beautifully strung.. Flowing to its sweet end!

  4. I like this. I'm the same way. I could run into almost anyone I've loved and be glad to see them, with a couple of notable exceptions.

    1. it's the exceptions that prove the rule, right?

  5. I really enjoyed this ... beautifully composed. My mother always said .. never burn bridges.
    I didn't. So far, the plague has missed our household :-)

  6. Oh I enjoyed these, Marian. I applaud you being able to remember the love before the asshole-ness. I get hung up on that stage and that's all I remember!

  7. Wow--you made a close save here (just before hitting indifference) to remember the good with a grin and without yearning. It is possible that the others would be as generous, especially after seeing this letter out in the world. I"m trying to imagine what I might say in such a letter.

  8. I love both of these!
    I can so relate to the germs!
    I usually am quite well. This
    year I am catching everything~

    I love the idea of forgetting shitty things!
    I agree beautiful~

  9. I've not had the time to write for my own challenge, but my thought was to write to the men who have disappointed me along the way of my adulthood. Then I felt a kind of poison seep through me and thought it best not to start down that road. Thank you for this. Your last 6 lines are definitely for the firefly jar!

    1. i love your firefly jar.
      this is like a mantra, push away the poison and only remember the good.

  10. the second one I think we'd all sign up to. the first one however had thoroughly cheered me whilst I suffer with one of the plagues

  11. thanks, everyone. i wouldn't say i'm above burning bridges, i've burnt many (most?) of them and held on to anger and bad feelings and all that stuff. so this letter is trying to suggest that because i no longer remember why, i'm not gonna hold on to whatever that was.

  12. This sounds like a "closure" letter, perfect for healing from past heartbreaks and move forward. I think we learn and grow from each relationship we've experienced, if we're willing to let go ... I love this!

    1. yeah, i think that's what it is, not that i really set out to do that. thank you!

  13. Do you think this is a female thing? I also have long since let go of the fact that certain people were certifiable asshats, recognizing other people may have been occasionally hateful witches. I loved this, but I may actually have loved the second one more--it was definitely from the heart. ;_)

    1. not sure if it's a female thing... but i just can't spend energy on carrying the negative anymore, even if i could remember the details, which i can't anyway. :)

      we were sick in this house for too long, it went through each person individually and lasted forever. i was surprised by just how sick i got, when it was my turn.

  14. This was phenomenally done (not like your other stuff isn't, but, well you know what I'm saying) and then the "bonus" just took it over the top - perfection, m'dear!

  15. Oh, yes...I want the same and also my own forgetting, too...just when I think it's all cool a memory comes or the other brings up some shitty thing I did or said. Bliss in the forgetting, yes.

    Of your second letter...I agree with that as well.

    Hope you're feeling better and loved your interview! :)

  16. This is stunningly good. Wow. Wow!

  17. Forgetting all that is shitty...that is a wonderful plan. I heard you are doing better. Yeah!!

  18. thanks, all my dear friends. you are, as a group, just exceedingly kind. xo


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