today i'm five

Today I’m five. Too young for sentimentality,
but old enough to appreciate that I’m riding
in a Volkswagen microbus sitting on a cardboard
straight chair between my folks in the front seats

singing along with "Afternoon Delight" when my dad
says She knows all the words to all the songs,
just like her Aunt and I beam with something like
five-year-old pride and never forget it ever.

And then we arrive at our new house, new house!
which by the way is a big tall two-story new house
with a railing on the front steps that’s made
for swinging, so I swing, attracting the notice

of some neighborhood girls, girls! and we girls
go running down the sidewalk across the backyards
through the lumberyard to the railroad tracks
and lob iron ore pellets just for good measure.

Then we’re all in Linda’s screened-in front porch
pumping the porch swing singing in four-part harmony
(altogether now) ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE da da da da da. 
And you know, that’s still true, all you need is love.

Woo hoo, I got to pick the line for Master Class at Sinistral Scribblings this week: "Today I'm five." It's from Room by Emma Donoghue.