Morphine makes me weightless,
giggling to myself
because I always wanted to fly,
and the saxophone soundtrack
is sweetly apt
as otherwise it sounds like my brain
might squeeze through my ears
and pool like warm jello
on crisp hospital sheets.
I should hit that switch again,
let it pump in 4/4 time,
especially if my vitality
is on its way out
along with my sense of rhythm
and excellent taste in music.
See you in the next life--
Looks like I’m gonna fly with Sandman.
Last week's line (I'm posting this just under the wire!) for Master Class at Sinistral Scribblings this week: "Morphine makes me weightless, airborne." It's from I Wore The Ocean In The Shape Of A Girl by Kelle Groom.


  1. Whoo! As always, your words soar in 4/4 time! Love it!

  2. I really like this. It just flows.

    I'm still struggling, hoping I can dive in before the deadline.

  3. "my brain
    might squeeze through my ears"

    I love when you word=paint pictures like this, I really do.

  4. Hit that switch again...that's the line that made this for me. I find myself wanting to press the button, to escape and believe that I have excellent taste in music, that I am as young as I remember being.

    this soared as high as you did.

  5. While in the hospital back in '07, I did take some morphine for pain, and I have to say, this poem is a beautiful description of both the band and the drug, all at the same time.
    "...it sounds like my brain
    might squeeze through my ears
    and pool like warm jello
    on crisp hospital sheets."

    And, I love perfect use of the word "crisp" ('cause they always were).

  6. We won't talk about my taste in music. All the morphine in the world won't make it sound good :)

    I could "hear" this, though, which is my favorite type of poetry. I enjoyed the setup and then the release at the end.

  7. I could only wish morphine made me feel weightless like this, it sounds like bliss.

  8. What a way to go. I love the connection of the 4/4 time with the morphine pump. And the 'giggling' makes us almost happy that she's found peace. Wonderful - I love it.

  9. Oh, growly Sandman and that sax... Nice.

  10. :) it IS quite a way to go, i'd imagine.


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