izy & marian sittin' in a tree

Gentle readers, today I'm over at Real Toads with Izy Gruye. Our collaborative poem is up today! Please click and enjoy:
Forever a Sapling/Etoposide for Beginners


  1. people will say we're in love :)

  2. I'll admit I found your poem as surprising as it was powerful. Collaboration does that, though, as I discovered working with my own collaborator. It is mine and not mine, a chiseling or turning to a side of me usually on the dark side of the moon--and this is not because it is mysterious but more like under-used. I could learn a lot about myself through multiple collaborations over time. Do you understand what I am hoping to say?

    1. interesting, i'm glad you found it surprising. collaboration IS really interesting and challenging. i find i have to let go of things that are ordinarily primary in my mind when writing. you know?
      we should collaborate sometime, Susan. maybe even without someone telling us to! :)


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