Epilogue/Famous Last Words.

Me: Hey, you’re losing me, for tonight. *yawn*

Him: It’s late, fellow camper. We can pick it up again anytime.

photo copyright Isadora Gruye Photography

Third in a series of pieces written collaboratively between Izy Gruye and me. Please click over to read Izy's: 
Document of Discussion (10) and (11)


  1. You know what I like about this, it's utilitarian nature....taken out of our collaboration, this could (image heavy italics) could be interpreted as a clever little break up piece. Or it could be read with a deep meaning of passing away. Such a forceful exchange.

    sorry I was late in posting my epilogue, but its up now ( I added a little extra piece)...but BONUS...I was able to link to yours.

    viva la

    1. also, I meant its utilitarian nature not "it's"....blargh. grammar in January is rough.

  2. true enough, Izy, though that empty shirt says nothing but death to me.
    i loved doing all of this with you. again! again!

  3. I read this several times last night but was too brain dead to think clearly. The final line is a thorny one. We can pick it up again.. suggests a second chance, that there is no rush to conclude anything, which is exactly what death denies.

    1. I'll just tell you... these are the final lines of correspondence between me and a long-time friend who passed away a few months ago. I've written about him a bit here on my blog.
      We were in the habit of chatting/texting back and forth from time to time, and then we'd stop and come back again another day.
      On that evening, I grew tired and readied to sign off... and he said what he often said, that it was fine as we could always pick back up again next time. That was the last time I heard from him.

    2. Oh, that is just heart-breaking, Marian. But somehow, for me, it beats saying goodbye knowing it will be the last time. I'm a coward that way.

    3. i'm not sure.
      i was supposed to meet up with him in the following week, and i knew it was possibly the last time i'd see him (as we rarely saw each other in person) but to have it end like that, not realizing it was the end...
      when i looked back and saw what it actually was that we had said to each other, i was surprised. but we'll meet again and pick it back up, i guess.


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