blue twain

I am all gentle
softness and whispers;
you are all forgiveness.

We are standing
at the edge of contrary
cumulus and sapphire,

waiting for a pronouncement,
holding our breath
till we are cleared for takeoff,

like two robins
standing sentry
as the morning worm rises.

I stage-whisper, “It’s time.”
You tuck straw around our eggs.
We make quite a pair.

painting/photo copyright Kim Nelson
This is the first poem in my book Responsive Pleading, which seems so well-paired with this gorgeous painting by my friend Kim Nelson that I sought Kim's permission to link them together here. Please visit Kim's art and poetry blog, and get ready to be inspired: 
Kim Nelson Creates
And if you don't already have your copy of Responsive Pleading, what are you waiting for? Nudge.