blue twain

I am all gentle
softness and whispers;
you are all forgiveness.

We are standing
at the edge of contrary
cumulus and sapphire,

waiting for a pronouncement,
holding our breath
till we are cleared for takeoff,

like two robins
standing sentry
as the morning worm rises.

I stage-whisper, “It’s time.”
You tuck straw around our eggs.
We make quite a pair.

painting/photo copyright Kim Nelson
This is the first poem in my book Responsive Pleading, which seems so well-paired with this gorgeous painting by my friend Kim Nelson that I sought Kim's permission to link them together here. Please visit Kim's art and poetry blog, and get ready to be inspired: 
Kim Nelson Creates
And if you don't already have your copy of Responsive Pleading, what are you waiting for? Nudge.


  1. I bet we created these at exactly the same time on precisely the same day in out parallel lives. This is wondrous.
    By the way... this little painting is on a plane to Kerry in South Africa. How cool is this world?

  2. we belong together! and that's awesome, that it's en route to Kerry. perfect.

  3. Both the painting and the poem have my mind racing. A very nice pairing indeed.

  4. I *do* have a copy of Responsive Pleading, and highly recommend it! I love your pair of robins tending the nest, and Kim's painting is the perfect compliment.

  5. 'edge of contrary' is great--also the following line, and the sense of two being one.

  6. Beautiful words inspired by beautiful art, a perfect pairing.

  7. Beautiful, and beautiful!


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