the truth of legend

Remember that time when the roof caved in?
I mean when it literally, actually collapsed?
Or I guess more accurately, the ceiling fell in,
though maybe it felt like the sky was falling.

I don’t actually remember the ceiling falling
but everyone talked about it forever after,
so, you know how you remember things you don’t
really remember, because you remember the stories?

It’s like that. It entered the realm of family
legend: The Day The Ceiling Fell In. Like the time
my namesake aunt locked herself out of the house
with me inside alone. I don’t remember that either.

Or the time I was locked in a closet or the time
I said my baby sister was so cute that she was
A Sweet Little Pain In The Neck. They’re stories,
and they must be true, because they tell them.

Legends. They just are. All I know is the ceiling
fell, all of it in a crash, making a mess-pile
on top of the console television. And the miracle was
that in that huge disaster, the television was spared.

Fireblossom asked the Real Toads to write about the roof caving in.