monster loss

You dreamed you lost me--
I drove away without you;

I dreamed I lost you--
someone drove away with you.

In the morning, I held you
and we compared our dreams

offering them up for analysis,
evidence of monster anxiety.

Then, you waved thru the heart
you drew on the window’s fog

and I left in fog for work,
following a tractor trailer

that belched exhaust in streams
like fire and smoke belching

from a dragon’s nostrils.
I gripped the wheel, focused

on driving safely, dreaming
of day’s end, at home with you.


  1. I like the comparing of dreams and anxiety, which hopefully will disappear when both comes home ~

    Happy day Marian ~

  2. Oh this is so poignant - mother-love. I love the wave through the heart drawn in the steamy windows........thank Goddess for day's end and Home.

  3. What I love about your work is that it is so human. I know that must sound like I'm stating the obvious, but you tap into the psyche's base-line: the fears, the dreams, loss, love, lust, motherhood, anger... it's all here, recognizable and written with compassion.

    1. thank you, Kerry, that's very nice to hear! xoxo

  4. Oh ~tears~ how many times my children have turned me into a more prayerful woman <3

  5. Beautiful! Your 8th line made me picture "Anxiety" personified, as being one of those unnamed monstrous muppets... "Sweetums," maybe.

    1. yes, exactly! or maybe Sully from Monsters, Inc.

    2. If my reaction to anything gets a reply of: "yes, exactly!" then I'm pleased to have read it that well, especially here, Marian! I just truly love this piece!!!

  6. Dreams--some mares to ride day or night--are mixed blessings! How to say to them, "Here you are again, because I love. I may ride you, but don't even think about riding me!"

  7. Kerry said it perfectly. This is real.

  8. Darn...I had to see MZ's comment and then read what Kerry said!!! She did say it perfectly, though, Marian!! You do all of that...and I love the dream-like feel of it all...even bringing that fog through this exhaust a dragon...well written indeed!!

  9. thank you, friends. your comments are very generous and appreciated! xo


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