bygones on high

Our year of wrongs is now undone
and roughly sent to bed,
not worthy of remembering.
So we’ll forget, instead
of holding shade against the sun
or blaming green for red--
We’ll dream of angels slumbering
inside our trifling heads.
photo by Isadora Gruye
Kerry's weekend challenge to the Real Toads is to try common or hymnal measure. This is a common octave.


  1. I like the holding shade against the sun ~

    Good work on the form Marian ~

    Cheers to new dreams ~

  2. LOL!
    You seem incredibly anxious to put 2012 to rest, Marian. And I love the angel dreams.

  3. What DID you do in 2012? Do I sniff scandal?

  4. Oo, intriguing form. Love the idea of dreaming of angels slumbering. In my dreams, EVERY NIGHT I am moving into a new place with all of the attendant work, cleaning, fixer-uppers.....no wonder I wake up exhausted. My brain is stuck on one repeating theme.

  5. Wonderful advice, actually, ringing true in the form.

  6. (I just wish our heads were more often not trifling. Sleeping hurts no one, I think.)

  7. Yes, Marian. Time to put this year to bed.

    I love your ease with any form: you make it say what you want it to say and it obeys.

  8. Angels slumbering in trifling heads... maybe they should be singing next year. Hopefully 2013 will be better, huh?

  9. You had me in tears at the very first line. God, how I pray it's true.

  10. Well done to the form, Marian.
    Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a brighter new year.

  11. It's a wonderfully tight piece of brevity; the formal constraint never seems to get in the way, and it's as smooth as warm honey running downhill.

  12. Yes...send it to bed indeed and I enjoy the words you chose to rhyme with especially your last line...love the idea of a trifling head. Hope you had a sweet time of the celebrations, Marian.

  13. oh, how I wish this is true. Send the bad to bed...let it rest.

    it skipped along, perfect in its prose.

    The Angels are singing their praise of it.

  14. done. just done. happy new year!


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