On our Thanksgiving break,
I taught the kids how to play rummy.

Though I told them all about you,
how we would play cards for hours,

I only lasted for six measly hands,
even stopping for a cup of coffee.

How did you do it, entertaining me,
endlessly keeping me good company?

Next, I’ll teach them the rules for war, 
and pinky-swear I'll play for hours.

Poem #24 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. I know, Marian. I marvel at the loving patience of my grandma too...........she enjoyed playing cards and games and, while I loved to do it with her, it taxes my energy levels now.

  2. I love card games, its addicting ~

    Happy weekend dear ~

  3. I knew this was your grandmother again... Such an amazing woman!

  4. Like Kerry, I was certain your grandmother made an entrance today. And I loved that fact. Makes me smile as I think about my own who would have been 101 tomorrow, but died nearly two years ago.

  5. This reminded me so much of my Grandma Helen and her endless games of 500 rummy (she kept score on the white paper inserts that you used to get in fancy pantyhose way back when...she had piles of them).

    I know she used to add a little something to her coca cola (hee) but she played and played in any case..and I love and miss her because of it.

    thanks for bringing those memories back for me.

  6. my gram shows up here all the time. but man oh man, how playing hands of cards can be tiring!

  7. :) My grandparents taught us how to play when we were little... love this!

  8. This was Mom for me. We played rummy and cribbage and I remember us all playing Uno.


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