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Gentle readers, I have a treat for you! It's a new interview by the inimitable Eden Baylee with the inimitable yours truly. Click here to read:
inside the mind of poet Marian Kent
And! YOU SHOULD BE READING EDEN BAYLEE. I've described her writing as "intelligent, erudite erotica." Here is what I wrote about her second book, Spring Into Summer:
Eden Baylee's Spring Into Summer is a must-read pleasure for any season. Four women, four situations, four opportunities for Ms. Baylee to explore not only the feelings and desires of her characters, but also their surroundings, their choices, and their intellect. This book is satisfying because it's well-researched and expertly presented, in addition to just being hot as hell. The stories almost demand repeated readings.

I'm a fan of Ms. Baylee and very much enjoyed Fall Into Winter, her earlier book of four interesting and erotic short stories that I've read over and over. But with this newer volume, Spring Into Summer, Ms. Baylee has grown as a writer, giving us more complex characters and stories, and moments to wonder about and contemplate in addition to the sexy scenes. Ms.Baylee has a real gift, and I look forward to more of her writing, erotic and otherwise.
Read Spring Into Summer, as well as Eden's previous book, Fall Into Winter, and her recently-released collection of flash fiction and poetry, Hot Flash.