clean break

They say absence makes the heart fond,
so why don’t you get lost tonight?
Escape! Don’t look back, but beyond
& please don’t say you feel contrite.

Don’t think of what you leave behind,
I can take it. Not invested.
My heart’s intact, ruled by my mind.
Apologies? Not accepted.

Fireblossom has the Real Toads channelling our inner opposite to write poems that do NOT reflect our true feelings. Yikes.

Also, this is Poem Number Three of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. Please click through and consider sponsoring me. Just imagine the brilliant verse to come!


  1. I take it, then, that messy breakups were more to your liking... Or none at all :)

  2. oooh, this is so like a tightrope~
    Keep on and don't look back, down or anywhere else!
    I love what you have done with this prompt~ :D

    I wish my heart was ruled by my mind...lol

  3. Lol.....that's awesome....I felt a little slighted and I'm not even a part of it. Great job.

  4. A clean poem, too. It's full of strength and decision and I-dare-ya, even if it's b.s.!

  5. Yes, I would have to agree this is the opposite of what you usually write - so you met the challenge well. Good one, kiddo!

  6. what are you saying! that i'm usually so much needier?!
    oh. okay. :)

  7. Yes, clean breaks are always so easy to manage. Ha!


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