If I had a heart, and if it were true,
she would protect me from ghost-dancing moon;
No filthy ogre, no shadowy cur
or ghoulish rage to make my belly stir.

If I could follow an angel within,
wear her like a blanket, a second skin;
No more night terrors, no reason to scream,
only beachy nasturtiums in my dreams.

If I had a heart, and if it were true,
sleeping in comfort and waking with you,
swaddled in moonbeams, wrapped up in the sky,
no more crossing fingers, hoping to die--

With tell-tale heart dunked in shimmery light,
the nights are wholesome, then no planets strike.

The Real Toads are writing ghost tales today! My first line here is attributed to the great Charlie Chesterman (the song is called "If I Had a Heart" from Studebakersfield), and the last line is from Hamlet. Happy Halloween!