they might be limericks

When your favorite rock band of all time says on Facebook that they're holding a limerick contest, you enter it, right? Especially if you're me and your favorite band is They Might Be Giants. A limerick about current events in a contest for free tickets? Easy peasy!

So I wrote one, and I posted it as a comment on Facebook with a billion other people. And a while later when I looked again, They Might Be Giants had posted an update: "Enter the topical limerick contest. Win tickets of swag. This example from Marian Kent."

Did you get that, "This example from Marian Kent?" THIS EXAMPLE FROM MARIAN KENT! Ahem, my favorite rock band picked out my limerick and posted it for their billions of adoring fans as an example of excellent limericking! Holy hell, I just died and went to Geek Word Heaven.

Here's my limerick. Remember, topical! Current events, people. Heh.

There once was a library maven
whose reading style bordered on craven--
She'd read 50 Shades,
disrobe page by page--
And got kicked out for nude misbehavin'


  1. Well, Marian, it is quite topical and splendid! Well deserved honor. Are you still in the contest too?

  2. Nicely done, Marian!

    I saw their Tweet about the contest yesterday and Tweeted a couple of limericks to them.

    Maybe they only count through Facebook? (Sorry, TMBG, I'm not joining Facebook for that)

  3. Haha! Excellent one, Marian. My estimation of rock bands (or their publicists) has increased tremendously to know that they know good poetry when they see it.

  4. Oh how way cool is that!!!!! Your poetry on the tongue of the common man. YIPPEE! REALLY good limerick too, kiddo.

  5. so great, huh? it made me so happy! hee hee.


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